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Safe and fun!
“I especially liked that my 7 year old daughter did not break out with a yeast infection like she has with other bath products.”
Reviewer: Beth Williams from Grapevine, TX USA

Great for eczema prone skin!
“Clio’s lotion has really helped improve my daughter’s skin’s resilience and reduced our need to use cortisone cream. I now use it myself!”
Reviewer: Eczema Mamma, San Francisco, CA USA

All You Need!    
I tried this product on myself, to see if it worked as well on adult hair. I'm VERY picky about the products I use, but Daisy's 2 in 1 gave me fantastic results! It left my hair soft, shiny & feeling totally clean & not "stripped". Now instead of 3 expensive products in my shower, all I need is Daisy's shampoo/body wash! WOW!
Reviewer: Tracy Sutton from San Francisco, CA United States 

I use it myself and LOVE it!     
After having only used Daisy's shampoo for a brief time, my hairdresser commented on how much healthier my hair was. He even asked for a sample to try out in the salon. I love it!
Reviewer: Sue from Washington D.C. United States

Preferred Over California Baby
I was using CB's Super Sensitive and Calming washes before MTN's Daisy when my daughter was 1 yr old. I was very impressed when I noticed a significant improvement in the softness of my daughter's hair. I also like that the scent is mild and the shampoo lathers just enough. For those of you looking at toxins... I was unable to get a complete report of Daisy's via the EWG's database because 2 of the ingredients were not found (lauryl lactyl lactate, white peony tea extract), but the white peony doesn't bother me, and reports lauryl lactyl lactate to be safe. The only ingredient that had a moderate hazard rating of "3" was the last one in the list (potassium sorbate), so that does not bother me either. With the 2 mentioned ingredients unfound, the EWG overall rating was "1" (low health concern), same as CB. Daisy's is a few dollars more than CB, but I am too happy with Daisy's to care, especially since it gives better results.
Reviewer: Jennifer from Sugar Land, TX United States 

The best baby wash out there!    
I simply love this body wash/shampoo for my little guy! It's so sudsy & it smells so great! My baby was allergic to a commercial brand of body wash that gave him an allergic reaction of itchy red splotches all over his body:( But as soon as I started Daisy's body wash, his skin cleared up immediately! My usual routine is using Dewey's bubble bath first so he can play with the bubbles & then I wash his hair & body with Daisy! My little guy loves his bath!
Reviewer: Karen Cheng from San Francisco, CA United States 

There is quite literally NOTHING BETTER than this product to wash your kiddos with. I know, because I've tried every other last product available and I've never been as satisfied!
This combo shampoo/body wash is so amazing for the little ones. It's all natural, smells amazing, works like a charm and I don't have to sacrifice 'bubbles' for 'natural' which is something I thought I was going to have to do.
Most of the other 'all natural' products either smell awful or don't lather at all. This soap lathers up well, glides on, and never ever leaves my 2 young daughters feeling greasy or dry, or anything other than perfectly fresh.
Truth be told, I'm not one to spend a lot on this particular kind of product (because we go through it like water!) but ever since I first tried this product last year, I haven't been able to use anything else. Nothing compares! I'll keep buying this until the kids are old enough to bathe themselves and pick their own soap.
Reviewer: Jenn Topliff from San Mateo, CA